It may come as a surprise that our favorite projects are our table's.  There's a very intimate connection when producing what may very well become the center of one's home.  Countless important events happen around the dinner table, so it's an honor to design and produce a piece from such minimal raw materials.  Additionally its incredible to think these pieces could get used for over a hundred years. 


Being handmade is not what makes our work special.  The context that surrounds each piece  is what makes what we do functional art.  Before we even begin the fabrication process, theres a lengthy chain of communication with both project designers and clients to make sure it  will perfectly complement it's final environment.  Although GFRC concrete is amazingly versatile, it is a very complicated medium to master, and during fabrication more times than not, there are elements to overcome.  At the end of each piece, there is always a story to go along.