Many of our customers come to us thinking that our products might be relatively inexpensive.  The truth is that quality GFRC concrete is quite expensive.  To start, the products we use are far more complicated than a basic mix of sand, portland, and aggregate.  Our carefully blended design is made from scratch with years of both R&D and trial and error.  The materials are both expensive and difficult to master.  Additionally, unlike any other solid surface, the process of hand making each piece is extremely time consuming, and has taken a very long, exhausting apprentiship to learn.  Lastly, we are artists, and we assign a value not just to our labor, but to our vision.

When it comes to our pricing, we break down everything we do into a surface area Sq Ft. Price.  That Sq Ft. Price slides based on total size of the job.  For pieces/batches between 1-29 SqFt. We charge $160.00 a Sq Ft.  For 30-49 Sq Ft. We charge $130.00 Sq Ft.  For 50+ Sq Ft. We charge $115.00 Sq Ft.  The reason for the curve is that most of our work is in the preparation, mold making, fabrication, and processing.  Because an equal amount of our labor and process is required for a small piece as a large batch or kitchen, it its more cost effective for the customer to order higher quantities.  Although pricing may seem high based on foot price, we almost always provide industry discounts as you will see in our proposals.  Designers and Architects can usually expect 15% off of the total job cost.  

We offer several tiers of discount pricing for Contractors, Designers, Architects, Developers, or other industry professionals, so please ask about special pricing.

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