If you have decided concrete is right for your project, there are several questions you should ask before deciding who to use.  Although we would like the opportunity to answer in person, and in greater detail, this will give you a good start.

1. How many years has the company been in business?  We poured our first residential kitchen tops in July of 2010.  Our first commercial job was started in September 2010.  7 years later we are still learning and evolving our methods and practices to produce what we do today.

2. What kind of insurance does the company carry?  Because we work for many large organizations, we are required to carry Workers Comp, and a $5 Million umbrella policy.

3. How many sealers has the company tried, what do they currently use, and how long have they been using it?  Over the years we have tried at least 15 different types of sealers.  We are currently using the Buddy Rhodes ICT system.  Before that we were using Surecrete XS-327.  We have had exceptional results using ICT for the last year.

4. Does the company use their own proprietary mix, or do they purchase a pre blended product?  We take pride in our mix.  Its important we understand each and every element that goes into our products so that we can change proportions for different applications, or tweak to creatively modify out results.

5.  Will the company help you pick out quality DIY materials if you would like to try the process on your own?  Absolutely.  Theres a sea of inferior products out there, and our passion is to see this medium grow in both  popularity and in our market.  Give us a call and if we can help in any way we can.

6. Can someone from the company meet you out where they have done work and show you how the product has worn?  We would gladly meet with you at any number of convenient locations we have product to inspect and talk about what to expect.